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Project Design

Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, Inc.

During Design Waller Creek, an international design competition to plan the future of the Waller Creek district, the inspiring design by the world-class design team of Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, Inc. and Thomas Phifer & Partners was recommended by the jury and received unanimous endorsement from Austin’s City Council.

Thomas Phifer & Partners

Thomas Phifer and Partners is serving as a collaborative partner, with Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, Inc., on the design team for the Waller Creek parks district.

City of Austin

Cultural Arts Division

The Cultural Arts Division mission is to support and encourage the community’s unique cultural identity and vitality. By funding programs like Creek Show and our arts programs at the Waller Delta, they support our commitment to providing free, family art programs for Austin.

Parks and Recreation Department

The Parks and Recreation Department plays an essential role in green space and parks along the creek. PARD staff have been instrumental in working on tough issues with funding and regulatory concerns throughout the phase planning process.

Planning and Development Review

Planning and Development Review assists the Conservancy with upcoming projects in the Waller Creek district. They provide vital information and coordination with developers in order to facilitate the best possible projects along the creek.

Public Works

Public Works plays a huge role in the development of the critical flood control infrastructure. Staff has been vital in coordination efforts on the surface structures of the City of Austin's Tunnel Project to ensure work is done in the most efficient manner possible.

Watershed Protection Department

The Watershed Protection Department is a critical partner on the restoration of the creek and flood plain issues. Watershed plays a vital role in the phase planning process, as well as negotiations with private development along the creek.


Austin Parks Foundation

The Conservancy works closely with Austin Parks Foundation on various community outreach efforts to engage the public in park clean-ups, education, and events.


BBVA supports our free annual programs, our special events, and future programming at the Moody Amphitheater in Waterloo Park, opening in 2020. We are honored to receive this significant support from BBVA and are grateful to be partnering with a corporate sponsor who leads in their industry and will be an example as we aim to do the same.

Downtown Austin Alliance

The Downtown Austin Alliance is a proud supporter of the Conservancy's mission and provides tremendous support during events and programs along Waller Creek.

The Trail Foundation

The Trail Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the Ann and Roy Butler Hike-and-Bike Trail, which will connect to the Waller Creek parks district at Lady Bird Lake.

Special Events and Programs

AIA Austin

AIA Austin has been instrumental in developing and growing the light-installation art series, Creek Show, now in its third year.

Big Red Sun

A leading sponsor of the annual Pop-Up Picnic, Big Red Sun is renowned for its distinct use of restorative, native, and naturalized plantings combined with visually striking vessels and tailor-crafted hardscapes.

Easy Tiger

Easy Tiger is a long-time friend of Waller Creek Conservancy and have helped with numerous social events to promote the Conservancy's mission and Waller Creek.

Red River Cultural District

The Red River Cultural District is a proud supporter of Waller Creek and Creek Show!

The Contemporary Austin

The Contemporary Austin's philosophy of creating a "museum without walls" came to fruition with the installation of Orly Genger's Hurlyburly along Waller Creek. The two organizations are changing how the public experiences art in Austin.

Word of Mouth

As one of Austin’s best catering companies, Word of Mouth provides fantastic food and service at Creek Show.